Lesa Knollenberg
freelance writer in
madison, wi


As a writer, I’ve known a lot of words. But these words, strung together in a song called These are the Days by 10,000 Maniacs’ Natalie Merchant, are some of my favorite:

You'll know it's true that you are blessed and lucky
It's true that you are touched by something
That will grow and bloom in you

Lately, I spend a lot of time trying to capture these particular days. With this website, I’m pleased to share the words I’ve strung together over the years and my blog, also called These are the Days. And I do hope it’s true - that you are touched by something that will bloom and grow in you.

Recent Blog Entries

Manifesting Hawkeye

The pandemic has changed everything. We’re all adrift, trying to establish solid footing, moment by moment. Usually when there is turbulence in my life, my response is a trail run with my dog. read more
Spring 2020

These Are My People

These are my people, the folks in this photo. It was a tricky photo to take with all the goosing and kibitzing and snickering, but on a hot summer day recently I tried to get them to stand still, knowing even then that I was trying to capture something elusive, something a camera lens would never see. read more
Summer 2019

Where I Sit

Writing is a lonely sport. There are no holiday parties or company softball teams, but one of the ways I get my people-fix is giving presentations to K-12 students about the writerly life. My favorite part is the end, when I precariously open it up to questions. read more
Spring 2019